Shenanigans straight from the lives of the UK + Irish Conference In-line skate team

Friday, 2 December 2011

Joe Atkinson edit by himself

So during one of his many unplanned and unexpected trips Joe found himself in Brighton with Adam Kola with a bunch of footage from a few sessions spread around the end of the Summer that hadn't been used for anything. So Ladkinson decided to give editing a go and below is his how it came out (with the addition of Kola placing the Brole at the end).
Also see below a photo of Richie Eisler from the week he was over in the UK, shot by Kola.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Loco DVD advert in the works

Loco skateshop are about to drop what could be one of the sickest tour dvd's the UK has seen for a while, so as well as featuring our very own Nick Lomax and Joe Atkinson we will be making a USD advert for the dvd too. Albert Hooi sent us some exclusive footage for the advert, check out the screen grab below of one of his many bizarre but amazing tricks!

James Keyte received his new Bambrick carbons a few weeks back and blasted this quick edit out too.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lomax back in the game

So after Nick's summer of crutches he's finallty back in the game, currently on tour in Columbia with Richie Eisler soaking up the rays and whatever else Columbia has to offer..
Below is an edit filmed over the course of 2 days with just a few hours skating to ease the leg back into the swing of things. Also whilst filming the tricks Nick got enough photos with Adam Kola for a mini view in the new issue of Wheelscene, so be sure to grab a copy from your local skate/music shop as Nicky lad got the poster for the issue too.
Below are a few screen grabs and then 2 originals for your viewing pleasure!
All photos by Adam Kola.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Slamm Jamm 2011

The 13th Slamm has been and our very own Blake Bird won the UK legacy award, pretty much the most prestigious award you can get, so many congrats to the bird man.
We also had Nick Lomax up against Alex Burston in the locoskates box rail jam, Nick won again making it two in a row now. We also had Joe Atkinson up against Elliot Stevens, Joe took the win also!
We also had Richie Eisler over for a week, after destroying Barcelona for the last year, Richie decided to grace the UK with an appearance after a 9 year absence before heading off to Morocco, Venezuela and Columbia (where Nick Lomax will join him).

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ProMax is back!

After being collided into at the Chaz Invite a few months ago, Lomax has been out of action resulting in the end of his winning streak across the globe. Just as he thought he was back the shenaningans that the NASS festival brings took him out again!
Well, this past Sunday Nick strapped his skates back on for his first proper blade since the injury and we can happily say there is no sign of loss of tricks. 3 photos and a sequence with Adam Kola, an online edit courtesy of James Sharp to arise soon from the days events. ProMax was in full force.
Remember to check out the Loco Box skate dice edit when it surfaces featuring Nick vs Sim Warren, the epic first battle of the series.

 Wrestling it out to see who rolls the dice first..

 What did he do here? Check the edit to find out..
 AlleyOop Neg. mistrial at Brighton Uni.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Sim Warren does NASS 2011

So skater / filmer extraordinaire Sim Warren has once again exceeded all our expectations with this years NASS edit. Capturing the whole emotion and atmosphere that circles throughout the event on and off the skatepark.
The edit also features some of our homeboys, enjoy...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ladkinson hits up Sweden

So Joe was recently in Sweden doing demo's and also winning the main event that took place there alongside Tony Hawk and the Yasatoko's.
Well it seems like Joe had enough time to snatch a few clips and befriend a beautiful little Dutch bike (anyone that knows Joe would know he's been after a number like this for a quite some time, shame he only had it for a week).

Anyhow, enjoy these clips and expect some more shenanigans from the man of the moment over the next month whilst he's tearing up Scotland with team mates Keir Lindsay and James Keyte,

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NASS 2011

So our boys hit it pretty hard this year, with Lomax re breaking his leg, Joe getting an appendicitis and the rest of the troops getting too involved in the festivities.
Anyhow, below is an edit courtesy of Ben Shelbourne of 'Let it never end' fame catching some of our conference clan in action!
Photo props to Si Cox and Jennifer Arundel

Monday, 18 July 2011

Blake Bird welcome to Slap Tap

Ally Brightwell has just dropped an edit featuring Xsjado's Blake Bird. Blake got picked up by SlapTap recently so thought he'd drop an edit to intro himself onto their heavy powered team!
Good job!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ladkinson does it again

It appears with Lomax out with a broken leg Joe Atkinson is trying to take over his realm of winning everythign early this summer.
Joe won the MCR riot jam last weekend and now just came first in the street spots comp. at NASS 2011. Battling through security to climb to the top of the London cityscape wall, Joe straight up beasted the gap into the flatbank sending the crowds into a frenzy. Expect an edit of yours truly alongside his UK conference buddies out ASAP.
On the downside, Joe was feeling ill Sunday night and is now in hospital having an operation to remove his appendix. Here's to a quick recovery.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dano's first few skates in the Kelso Carbons

Dano has sent over a sick edit of the first few skates in his new Carbon Kelso's. Check it below,

Monday, 4 July 2011

Atkinson takes the MCR riot

As well as filming a whole bunch of tricks for a new edit the day before the jam around Manchester, Atkinson went and took joint first with his Eulogy compadre Julian Coulter in the MCR riot.
Rumour had it that the event was going to get shut down by Simon Cowell of X factor fame who had decided to set skate event up for a new TV show at the same venue on the same weekend, what are the bloody chances ey?
Manchester has always been a raw rugged street scene so nothing was going to stop it. Props go out to Nick Lomax, Alex Burston and Rik cheetham for setting the event up and making it a giant success, bring on the next one!

Banners courtesy of MSC OG James Tattersall

Manchester skater Jordans daughter Leila rocking the USD patch..great mascot!

Cash money Diva

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Atkinson's a wee Diva

Check out USD's Joe Atkinson in the new Loco skateshop edit from their trip to the Chaz Sands invitational.
As per usual our cheeky diva shredded hard and partied harder..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Birmingham rising

Being that it's the UK's second city, it seems only right that Birmingham would have a flourishing skate scene. Recent years has seen quite the contrary but thanks to Xsjado's Si Cox for picking up his former profession of photography it appears as if Brummie is on the rise.
It's no secret that many international tours that come to the UK make a quick unannounced stop off in Birmingham to fill their quota for clips due to a lack of productivity elsewhere. Si Cox and his vast knowledge of the city seem to present an array of standard to quirky skate spots for all to enjoy.
Si has decided to create a blog documenting the skate days that occur in Birmingham, and given the past evidence it's definitely one to follow...

Chris Farmer as seen in Kingdom magazine and 4X4 Drip Drop, location..Birmingham,

Friday, 3 June 2011

Scottish flava

Dano Gorman recently took another visit back to Scotland to session with his USD buddies Keir Lindsay and James Keyte. By the looks of the edit the trip wasn't a waste..

Congrats are due to the UK killing machine Nick Lomax who is winning every event he comes across, most recently the Ukraine and Russia...'boom ting'!

In other news, Sam Tuffnell was recently hit off a bike by a blinded minibus driver, causing him to fly into a wall and break his leg. Here's to Sam and a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Watky Lomax duo

So Matty and Lomax joined forces again recently and produced this smasher of an edit. Over the last few weeks Nick has won the Noiya jam, placed second at the capital jam and about to be seen destroying Scotland on the LocoSkates loves Scotland tour edits. Nick really is unstoppable, be sure to check him out on his next trip which is taking him to Eastern Europe and Russia.
For now though, enjoy the edit and some older photos of Nick ripping..

Monday, 16 May 2011

Blake Bird rocks London

So the capital Clash went down last week, and it was run by Xsjado's very own Blake Bird. Blake has had a very close relationship with the former playstation skatepark and knew exactly what was needed to recreate the magic that used to take place there.
The event went off with the birdman picking up best trick and USD's Nick Lomax taking second place, not to forget Dublin's ripper Dano Gorman annihilating the course and getting into the finals.
Check out Jordan Maders' edit below featuring all of the above and a few snaps...

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tuffnell breaks the speed limit!

So to celebrate the release of Sam Tuffnell's T1000 Undercover / collaboration wheel, the lads decided to try something new that has never been done before, let alone captured!
Thanks to Jake Eley and Sim Warren, they managed to film Sam triggering a 30mph speed camera somewhere in Hastings, UK.
Undercover have always been on top of their game with their pro wheels, be sure to check out LocoSkates for the T1000 wheel. Fast, durable and long lasting!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Si Cox

Si has been a sturdy root in the British skate world for a very long time now, be it his time as a photographer for DNA magazine or Unity to riding for USD and then onto Mindgame and Xsjado, or perhaps you all just remember him as 'THAT' kid in the puberty video screaming till his balls dropped...yep, that was Si.
In more recent news Si has taken strongly to the game of skiing and has now successfully done two seasons, one in Morzine and most recently one in Whistler, Canada. Always having blading right there in his heart he couldn't wait to get back into the thick of it now that the weather is picking up. It may have destroyed is now elderly body but the shot is rad..

Be sure to check out Si's work as a specilaist in the film field or follow him on his blog,

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WheelScene hits the shelves

As alot of you maybe aware already, the new British skate publication is now out and completely free of charge! Wheelscene is stepping into a new area for blading by producing a magazine that is not solely skating, it shares its content 50/50 with musical articles featuring all your favourite artists.
This issue also features our two hooligans or better known for their infamous 'lads on tour' rants and edits, Joe Atkinson has a great interview and Keir Lindsay has the first in the 'Firsts' articles.
A big thumbs up to David McNamara the instigator and editor who is bravely going where not many people will, here is to WheelScene's longevity!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Time to get LOCO in Scotland

I'm sure you are all aware of the 'Loco skates' tour taking place next week throughout Scotland. Be sure to check out one of the stops or make a trip to Sheffield for this weekends 'Noiya clothing' jam.
USD riders Nick Lomax, Sam Tuffnell and Joe Atkinson will be present at all stops on the tour with the addition of Xsjado's Blake Bird and more in Sheffield.

Speaking of Xsjado, be sure to check out your favorite skate shop to pick up a pair of the new Avants or Skeletons, priced at a mere £169,99 or £109,99.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Xsjado and USD supporters - Matt Smith : Keith Wisdom

Matt Smith has been a long time fan of Xsjado skates and has been a great ripper in the south west scene, as evident in this quality edit made by Mark Worner! Matt is currently riding for SlapTap too!

Keith Wisdom also loves the USD's, after turning alot of heads on the west coast of Cali with his tech skills and his chosen few edit with our man Sam Tuffnell, below is a photo he shot with Adam Kola in an abandoned train station on the south coast of the UK.

Any other skaters repping our gear, send over the content and be featured on our site!

Friday, 18 February 2011


So last weekend saw the Winterclash take place. It was manic to say the least, but alot of fun.
Adam Kola decided on a last minute trip to head out there and filled is car with James Sharpe and everybody's skate chucker hero Joe Atkinson!
Below are a few clips filmed on the 2 days they spent there.

Few clips in Eindhoven from The Conference UK on Vimeo.