Shenanigans straight from the lives of the UK + Irish Conference In-line skate team

Friday, 28 January 2011

Winter with Lomax

Scott hallows has just made a remix edit plus a few new clips with our big man Nick Lomax! It's safe to say that this edit is some 'heavy shit'!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Down in Bognor Regis

So this Sunday saw an early start for Sam Tuffnell, Adam Kola and Ste Collis. Kola had to get a few snaps of Jamie Stenner which involved a 6.30 depart from Brighton heading towards the land of dreams.

The day proved to be very successful until the delirium set in a little later after only having a few hours sleep.
Tuffnell was also testing out his new loco skates / undercover collaboration wheel, so far so good, keep your eyes peeled to for the drop date of this.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shooting with Joe Atkinson

So Joe Atkinson has once again been mooching around the UK since NYE, the past few days he has found himself in Brighton shooting photos and filming with Adam Kola.
Below is the backdrop and setting to one of the photos they got as well as a funny clip of Joe discussing the logistics of trying to do a specific trick....nothing but love for the chap when he comes out with Stirling quotes like this!

Monday, 10 January 2011

James Keyte : First hours on Carbon 2's

So after a huge delay once again for James delivery he finally received his USD carbon 2's, below is what he had to say about them along with a few tricks form his first session in them..

" soon as i saw them i was juiced! They fitted absolutely perfect, usually 'cus i tend to get a size smaller all my skates hurt on the first session! Surprising these didn't hurt at all! No numb feet and no blisters. I tried a pair of the old carbons which hurt alot, especially round my ankle and shin, now they have the thick padding its sooo much better. The cuff just makes them so supportive yet perfect flexability. I couldnt believe how responsive they are! I always no exactly where my feet are, its actually weird how light they are, i found myself over jumping sometimes. There's not a thing i would change in this skate, USD got it pretty spot on. ;)"

I also feel like we should include james' intro to the message he sent us about the carbons, as this sounds alot more personal..

"..we finally got out for a roll on the carbons, we hit street for the first skate and my god they are pretty sick! The weather was super icey man, just came off night shift as well haha, 3hrs sleep! But excellent first day in them, couldn't be happier.."

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Carl Sturgess back in the blade game ??!

Carl has been over in the UK for the past few weeks and what better way to spend it than hanging out in Brighton for a wee while. Carls family are all English so he came over to spend crimbo here but took some time out to kick it with his alternate family, such as adam kola, joe coyne, oli short etc.
We all went out for a bike ride and skate the other day and Carl even busted out the lens and filmed some pieces.
Carl is currently studying and working in San Fransisco where he is honing his video skills in a big way, check out his website below to get a glimpse as to what he has been upto, below are also some sound bites of Carl and his best mate Jeff Stockwell mocking Si Cox and Adam Kola about the British accent (in a friendly way though, if it wasn't you know the yanks would have gotten a beat down!) and Jeff's first experience of ordering in a chippy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Years with Al Hooi

So Brighton played host to an epic New Years Eve party which took place at Adam Kola, Jake Eley and Ed Inglis' house. In attendance were many talented individuals, such as USD's Albert Hooi who flew over with his girlfriend Zoe, Sam tuffnell, Nick Lomax, female star Jenna Downing as well as up and coming UK band Esben and the Witch, Burberry model Tom Penfound and a blast from the past Alex Pym, who ended up having to get a ride to the hospital due to very bad form come 2am!
Many outrageous acts took place, such as an unknown female peaking on drugs uncontrollably and shitting herself then laying a feces on the floor mat in the bathroom, a whole bottle of petrone down you Big Al puking up all over Adam Kola's room and anything else he can find to pop into, another unknown feminine spraying ketchup all over Jake's door and room, party doggers from all over Brighton were gate crashing by the time it got shut down.
Somehow the next day we found time to try and go skate, but the weather wasn't on our side as per usual and Albert took a tumble on his first trick.