Shenanigans straight from the lives of the UK + Irish Conference In-line skate team

Friday, 10 December 2010

Neil Ingall Xsjado UK

As well as living the high life mingling with all the stars in London and infecting everyone with his charisma and charm, Neil has just recovered from a knee injury and is back on his blades again.
Neil also rides for the louts that are 'Dirt Box' and has just had a long sleeve T shirt produced to go into their new line that has just launched, so all go rep that and i'm sure you'll magically be given the lady luck that Neil possesses!
Below are a few clips captured from when we went skating one day dubbed over with some words about what skating has brought to his life. Neil has been reading 'Carl Jung Man and his symbols' and had this to say...
"Carl Jung Man and his symbols, he studied under Freud then found loop holes in Freud's teaching and started to see the world of psychological analysis very differently. Analyzed over 800 patients using dream analysis and the sorts of symbols that appeared in patients dreams, became detrimental to the analysis.
It is a really nice book and very interesting reading the recollections of the dreams, it is sort of like reading short stories"