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Friday, 31 December 2010

Dano Gorman Carbon 2's

A merry Xmas to you all from the conference UK! We hope those stockings were filled with multiple conference products.
Our little ripper from Dublin received the Carbon 2's just in time for xmas and below is what he had to say about them along with a short video of his first day in them.
A huge thankyou to Donal Glackin for shooting these rad photos of young Gorman!

I have skated both the Deshi carbons and the first USD carbon skate. I have loved the carbon skate since day one, but the USD Carbon 2 has improved in so many ways! The skate feels so much nicer than the previous carbon skates. With the extra padding around the back of the liners makes the skate so much more comfortable and the new Cuff gives your ankle way more support on topside tricks. Also the new metal buckle looks way stronger than the previous plastic buckles that I had some problems with on the Deshi and USD carbon skate.
This skate is unbelievably good and I recommend them for any one that thought that the previous carbon skates had bad ankle support, because these ones have improved in that area more than anywhere else.

The Carbon 2 is available at your favorite skate shop NOW. For any queries please get in contact,, or if you have any photos of you skating in them, send them over and we'll do our best to get them up on the site!