Shenanigans straight from the lives of the UK + Irish Conference In-line skate team

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Years with Al Hooi

So Brighton played host to an epic New Years Eve party which took place at Adam Kola, Jake Eley and Ed Inglis' house. In attendance were many talented individuals, such as USD's Albert Hooi who flew over with his girlfriend Zoe, Sam tuffnell, Nick Lomax, female star Jenna Downing as well as up and coming UK band Esben and the Witch, Burberry model Tom Penfound and a blast from the past Alex Pym, who ended up having to get a ride to the hospital due to very bad form come 2am!
Many outrageous acts took place, such as an unknown female peaking on drugs uncontrollably and shitting herself then laying a feces on the floor mat in the bathroom, a whole bottle of petrone down you Big Al puking up all over Adam Kola's room and anything else he can find to pop into, another unknown feminine spraying ketchup all over Jake's door and room, party doggers from all over Brighton were gate crashing by the time it got shut down.
Somehow the next day we found time to try and go skate, but the weather wasn't on our side as per usual and Albert took a tumble on his first trick.