Shenanigans straight from the lives of the UK + Irish Conference In-line skate team

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Carl Sturgess back in the blade game ??!

Carl has been over in the UK for the past few weeks and what better way to spend it than hanging out in Brighton for a wee while. Carls family are all English so he came over to spend crimbo here but took some time out to kick it with his alternate family, such as adam kola, joe coyne, oli short etc.
We all went out for a bike ride and skate the other day and Carl even busted out the lens and filmed some pieces.
Carl is currently studying and working in San Fransisco where he is honing his video skills in a big way, check out his website below to get a glimpse as to what he has been upto, below are also some sound bites of Carl and his best mate Jeff Stockwell mocking Si Cox and Adam Kola about the British accent (in a friendly way though, if it wasn't you know the yanks would have gotten a beat down!) and Jeff's first experience of ordering in a chippy.